Frequently Asked Questions

Selling your home  is one of the most emotional and financially important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Knowing the right real estate questions to ask potential agents looking to win your business will enable you to make informed decisions ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

How do I know if I have chosen the right agent?

Most importantly you should choose an agent that you feel you can trust. You are selling one of your biggest assets and you want to ensure it is in the right hands. Our commitment to your home is our biggest priority. We work hard to get you a great result and we won’t stop until we can achieve that for you. We will also ensure that you are very happy with our service so you come back to us again and also recommend us to your family and friends.

How do I know that your marketing strategy will work?

We are the experts in advertising and we know what works. Combined we have over 20 years of real estate marketing knowledge. Our strategies are ones with previous and proven success. We wouldn’t suggest it otherwise.

Are your fees like other real estate agents?

There are a number of points to consider when looking at commission fees.

  • We follow the REIQ Industry standards but there are many discount and flat fee agents. Our percentage structure means that we work extra hard to get every last cent from the buyer. The more we generate for you, the more we get!
  • An agent offering a flat fee isn’t going to be pushing to get you top dollar. In fact that are not really going to care what they achieve for you at all. They are getting paid their fee regardless. We like incentives, so our fee structure ensures you that we will be working for you!
  • If an agent is quick to drop their fees, they may not be good negotiators. Will they be able to negotiate well with the buyer of your home?

Is your fee negotiable?

If you are happy with our proposed marketing strategy, level of commitment to services and overall just like us, just give us a call. We are not prepared to lose your business over commission fees. When comparing fees, bare in mind that an agent who can’t negotiate their fees well, may not be to suitable to negotiate the sale of your property!

How often will I hear from my agent?

All the time! We pride ourselves on great personal service so expect to hear from us a lot. We will speak to you several times a week, regarding open times, private inspections booked, the marketing schedule, follow up conversations with buyers and detailed weekly reports from

What do I need to do before an open home?

We are up before the birds putting points signs throughout the area to ensure everyone is the neighbourhood knows about it. We will arrive at the home just prior to the open time to ensure the home is presented at its very best. We suggest opening all doors and curtains, turning on all lights and removing any clutter and valuable items. We gather names and phone numbers of all people that enter the home and gather their feedback about the home. We also suggest you pop out for a walk or a coffee during the open home so buyers can inspect freely and without any intimidation.

What feedback will my agent give me?

After all private inspections and open homes, we will provide you will how many people inspected the home, advise you of their thoughts and interest levels. This will help you gauge what price level buyers believe the home is worth.

What happens on Auction day?

Lots! Auction day is a big day for us, however we tell our sellers to treat this day as any other Open home day. We will arrive half an hour before, talk to interested parties, register bidders and we aim to have a contract for you by the end of the proceedings. Auction contracts are cash, unconditional contracts with no cooling off period so the sale is certain.

Who sets the Reserve price?

You do! We will advise you on buyer feedback and recent comparable sales but you make the final decision on the reserve price. The auctioneer will also chat with you about setting a fair and achievable reserve.

Can I sell before Auction day?

Absolutely! We will invite all offers prior to auction day and we will make suggestions about whether to consider it or wait.. There is no reason why you cannot sell before Auction day.

What happens if it doesn’t sell at Auction?

Don’t sweat. Most homes that don’t sell on auction day are sold within a week or two after the auction. It’s all part of the auction process. We amend the advertising with a new set price and follow up everyone that had prior interest. You’d be amazed how many calls we get about a property after the auction.

What are other sellers saying about you?

They love us! We have received many testimonials and kind words. We are happy to put you in touch with them.

Got more real estate questions? Give us a call. No question is a silly question.

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Frequently Asked Questions