Choosing your real estate agent – what to look for

When you select a real estate agent, you’re performing a rigorous job interview for a prized position. You’re choosing a stranger for an incredibly important task – one that requires trust, expertise, and flexibility. Your expectations should be demanding; you’re selling one of your biggest assets.

Agents should have a high degree of professionalism and dedication to their work. They should have a good reputation, and still be committed to impressing you and working hard.

Does the agent you’re investigating in appear interested in your property – or is it just another one in a line of many they’re hoping to nab as a listing?

Using popular, successful agents can be great. They’re obviously pleasing lots of people. But if they’re serving too many clients their attention might be split and you might not get the focus you want or need.

What to look for in your real estate agent

  • Ability to meet your actual requirements
  • Clear interest in meeting your needs and objectives
  • Positive word or mouth and references from previous clients
  • Knowledge of the area in which you’re selling your property
  • Does the agent truly agree with you in regards to the asking price
  • Commitment to honest and regular communication
  • Are they offering an flexible, effective and competitive marketing campaign?
  • Do they have a strategy on how to sell the home, or will they just wing it?
  • Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with your agent
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Choosing your real estate agent – what to look for